How to keep festival fit

Its festival season! I love a good festival….Body & Soul, Sea Sessions, Longitude & Electric Picnic to name but a few. And I know staying healthy isnt exactly the number one priority at a festival but to enjoy yourself to the full on the last day aswell as the first its important to keep yourself in tip top condition. With that in mind I’ve decided to share my top tips for staying festival fit….thanks for the idea Niamh Garry .

– Firstly hydrate…it sounds so obvious but when we are not in our normal routine its so easy to forget to hydrate. Carry a bottle with you at all times. Most festivals last 2-3 days – you definitely don’t want to be getting headaches due to dehydration early on and missing all your favourite acts… If possible bring a couple of 5L’s with you in the car and refill a smaller bottle to carry around. And if you are lucky enough to get some good weather up the water intake a little bit more.

– With that in mind pack some SPF. Hopefully you will need it and it takes up so little room it is definitely worth packing.

– Add some rehydration salts. The combo of alcohol, heat (yes please!) and sleeping in a tent for a couple of nights can dehydrate you no matter how much water we are taking in. Add some rehydration salts to your water in the morning or even better bring some coconut water with you. Tasty and rehydrating.

– Bring snacks! Lets face it the plethora of tasty food options can sometimes be too much to handle at a festival. Try and keep your blood sugar relatively stable by adding some protein and fat rich snacks to your diet every 2-3 hours. This will stop the dreaded hanger. Packets of nuts and dried fruit, fruit (bananas and apples are great), crudités and houmous, protein bars, Fruit and nut bars (Kind bars are great), Biltong, Popcorn, Cheese, Greek yogurt and granola, Good quality turkey and ham & even protein powder. Bring a cooler bag so you can store snacks and keep them cool.

– Pack a multivitamin… so your diet and lifestyle hasn’t exactly been yogi-esque over the last few days? You’re only human and feeling the dreaded guilt is not what you want at a festival when you are spending some much needed time relaxing with your friends in the company of your favourite bands. Pack a multivitamin and take it with your rehydration salts in the am.

– Pack a hand sanitiser. As much as you might try avoid it the dreaded portaloo is looming… Make sure to have a hand sanitiser on you at all times and wipes of course. Germs are envitably rife when there are so many people around so this should stop you picking up anything too nasty.

– Pack breakfast. Lunch and dinner options have really brought their game in recent years to the Irish festival scene….unfortunately breakfast is still of the greasy spoon variety. Pack some solid breakfast options….porridge pots and protein powder/nuts butters/berries are a great option as you can pick up hot water relatively easily. And bring decent tea bags..everyone will thank you for it.

– Dinners…the good, the bad and the ugly. The dinner and lunch options have really upped their game at festivals and their are some good options if you look for them. Thai, Indian & veggie are your best bets with most options having a good balanced combination of protein, fat & carbs. Some food stalls I’ve seen regularly pop up at festivals include Saba, Kinara Kitchen, Natasha’s raw living foods & the Vegan Kitchen. If you really want a pizza/burger etc try add a portion of fruit or veggies from your snack pile to make sure you are getting some additional nutrition in.

– Dance…. so chances are you aren’t planning any 6am HIIT sessions but exercise doesnt always have to be in the gym. Dance like no ones watching and burn off some of those extra calories.

Enjoy the festival season everyone and stay healthy!

Warm wishes


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