My go to post workout smoothie

Hope you are all having a fab week,

I’m back training hard this week as I’ve lots of exciting things coming up….I always think its a good time of year to get back into a good solid training regime aswell as when its gets too cold the last thing we want to do is go outside!

We’ve all been there…we’ve managed to squeeze in a quick lunchtime workout and don’t have time to eat before we go to that afternoon meeting.

Post workout its important to consume protein and carbohydrates as soon as possible.

Protein and carbohydrates are two macronutrients….macronutrients for those of you who don’t know are the main components of our diet: the 3 macronutrients being protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Protein is important after a workout as we’ve been working and potentially damaging our muscles…we actually need to tear our muscles in order for them to grow.

Protein is responsible for muscle repair so thats why its so important straight after a workout. But sometimes its not always possible to have some protein straight after a workout and thats where protein powder comes in really handy.

Carbohydrates primary function is to provide the body with energy…after a hard workout energy (glucose) levels are depleted so we need to replace them as soon as possible aswell.

Here’s a recipe for a really quick post workout smoothie that you can keep in the fridge and whizz up in the NutriBullet just before drinking. Alternatively you can make this before heading to work and keep it in the fridge until you need it. It also works as a perfect afternoon snack.

This is very much a “whatever you have in the fridge/freezer” recipe so don’t feel like this is completely to be stuck to. Experiment and use up what you have. The most important things to include are protein (for example powder, greek yogurt) and carbohydrates for example  porridge oats, fruit). If you find you are buying fresh fruit and are quite often binning it frozen fruit is a great option especially when at this time of year most fresh fruit is out of season anyway.

This serves 1:

1 scoop of protein powder: I use a vegan protein powder but this is only because I minimise the amount of dairy I eat (for personal health reasons). The brand I use is called Raw Fusion and its a plain vanilla flavour. I find the plainer the flavour of protein powder you buy the more ways you can use it for example in pancakes, in yogurt or in porridge.

1 tablespoon of flaxseed: Flaxseed is a really good source of fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids.

1 tsp of maca powder: Maca is known to be helpful for balancing hormones so is particularly helpful for women.  It has a long history of being a superfood and has been consumed for years for medicinal purposes in the regions of the Andes.

A handful of leafy green: Spinach or Kale works well. Frozen works aswell if you find you buy fresh and end up throwing it away.

A good handful of fruit (berries, mango and pineapple all work really well): As above frozen works just aswell. Look out for whats in season to get maximum health benefits.

If not using frozen add some ice if you like a colder smoothie or alternatively add some filtered water.

If you’ve done a particularly heavy workout you can add some porridge oats aswell for some added carbohydrates.

Get inventive with whats in season and what your favourite tastes are

I’d love to know what works well for you post workout


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