My experience at Another Space London

Hi guys,

So you may or may not of seen I was in London last week attending Food Matters Live. It was a 3 day event in the Excel London and was all things health, wellness, food and nutrition so basically my heaven!

It was a great event and I went to a lot of interesting talks and saw a lot of interesting products. There was a real emphasis on pre, pro and functional foods (I’ll do another blog post on this 🙂 ) and lots of interesting speakers like Heston Blumenthal. There were also lots of insect related products so expect to see a lot more of these hitting the shelves very soon!

While I was there I decided to do a couple of exercise classes to check out the fitness scene in London. I went to Another Space which is pretty near to Covent Garden and Leicester Square tube station.

I picked up a pass for 2 classes for £30 so decided to do a spin on the Wednesday (to ease myself in…. or so I thought!) and a HIIT class on the Thursday. There is no joining fee or membership for Another Space so it means its completely flexible which I think suits the majority of people now. Its also great for someone like me who is just going to London for a couple of days.

Spin class was at 8 o’clock but luckily it didn’t take too long to get there. I was greeted by two lovely girls on the desk and they explained how it worked. I had never done a spin class before that you had to clip into the bike using the shoes they provide you but one of the girls showed me exactly how it worked before hand so I was comfortable with everything. I was actually really surprised as I found it a lot easier to cycle clipped in as you aren’t worrying about possibly injuring yourself by your knees going from side to side.

The class was 45 minutes and it was tough but there were regular breaks between so you really went hell for leather for a few minutes and then recovered afterwards! The instructor was great and really encouraged everyone to get involved and work to their best ability.

The facilities in Another Space are second to none. They really try to make sure you have access to everything there as they understand it isnt always possible to be carrying around lots of stuff with you. You don’t really need to bring anything with you other than your clothes for the day.

There are towels, really nice hair and body products from Cowshed, hairdryers and even GHD’s. I forgot a hair tie and I was even able to get one from the reception. The girls on reception were so helpful aswell and recommended a couple of really nice foodie spots to me for breakfast.

On Thursday I unfortunately arrived late and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get into the class but the girl at the desk helped me with my case and brought me down to the class. The HIIT class is in a room that is half way between a boxing ring and a night club. Its pitch dark and on the perimeter is surrounded by boxing bags. The group is split into two and for 3-4 minutes 1 half does body exercises and the other half works on the boxing bags. It was a workout!!! But it was such a good workout.. I felt completely energised and ready for the day after.

Not only does Another Space have excellent facilities it also has a lovely working space outside if you need to do some work and you can order a post workout smoothie to go with you on the way out.

All in all I really enjoyed the classes and going to another class outside your regular workout regime is a great way of igniting some motivation in you especially during the cold dark winter. I think sometimes we can all be guilty of getting stuck in an exercise rut and its sometimes easy to slack if we are regularly going to the same classes. It can seem intimidating sometimes to go to a class in a different place but it was such a positive experience I will definitely be doing this again in the future.

I definitely think Dublin could do with something like Another Space aswell as it really felt like a mixture between a social outlet and a gym which I think more and more people are looking for.

I would definitely recommend Another Space if you are in London and I’m looking forward to checking out more classes in London and around the country 🙂

If you have any recommendations for me I’d love to hear from you

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your week


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